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Toledo, OH, U.S.A.

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Free Shipping Books

Toledo, OH, U.S.A.


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Items must be returned in the condition received and can not be canceled once the item has shipped. Thrift Recycling Management, Inc. 7041 Las Positas Rd, Suite F Livermore CA 94551 Phone & Fax: (419) 214-3705 Email address: cs@freeshipbooks.com Customer Service: PO Box PO Box 355008 Toledo, OH 43635 cs@freeshipbooks.com Tax ID: 87-0719089

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Orders usually ship within 2 business days [M-F]. Unfortunately, as a bulk order shipper, we do not provide tracking for individual orders included in our bulk shipments. Items shipped via USPS Standard Mail should arrive within 4-14 business days [M-F]. Please note, as per USPS, depending on service location and/or high peak periods within the post office, deliveries can take up to 21 business days [M-F] to arrive. Should your order not arrive within 21 business days [M-F], please contact us promptly for resolution.